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Quintet for Sarod and String Quartet

- composition by Wajahat Khan

Some Review Excerpts:

The work represents the approach of a serious fusion music to maturity. Romantic titles – ‘Prayers of Love’, ‘Monsoon memories’ - hide probing questions concerning form, texture and harmony, which, in seriousness and ambition, go beyond anything Shankar himself has attempted.” - New Statesman

“A brave..attempt to meld two disparate musics that sets an imaginative precedent.. From devotional musing to visceral excitement. It makes for a great listen .. Good sound.” - Gramophone

“It gets better and better.. A brave, bold and successful contribution to East-West classicism which is definitely destined.” - Classic CD

“East meets West in a wonderful musical experiment.. An extraordinary cultural interchange.. and the result was very exciting.. the music was an incredible experience.. The Quartet was interesting and full of lovely harmonies, well worth a place in the regular repertoire. They sounded wonderful and the experiment was a great success.” - The Surrey Advertiser

“A richly inventive work.. evokes many romantic and different feelings, with changing forms and textures.. something excitingly modern, a creative fusion of two long traditions. In an age of cheap commercialism and meretricious garbage here is something of real merit and inventiveness.” - Morley Magazine

“‘Monsoon Memories’ This movement which evokes the thundery outburst of a monsoon downpour is full of musical energy, and very good rhythms.. An interesting and important work.. cannot be praised enough.. Wajahat excels himself. His gayaki singing style imitating the human voice is superb.. This record is an important addition to the modern string repertoire” - John Mayor (Composer) in The Musician

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